Taiwanese Food Day!

Before hosting our Taiwanese food day next week, we would love to explain you a bit more about this country's cuisine and food traditions! Are you expecting a fried tofu that reeks of sewage but tastes absolutely phenomenal? Omelets with a layer of goo and embedded oysters? Before you

Thai Food VS Vietnamese Food

While some people, who are a bit new to this Pan-Asian dishes world tend to confuse Thai and Vietnamese dishes, in fact, they are quite different. Let's start with a simple fact that while people in Vietnam rely on rice as the sole main ingredient and dish garnish (or the...

Vietnamese Menu Day!

When you're talking about "Vietnamese food," as mentioned before, you're talking about rice in many forms (steamed, sticky, noodles, pancakes, porridge), fish sauce (lots of it), herbs (mint, cilantro, lemongrass), seafood, pork, beef, chicken, and tropical fruits (rambutan, banana, papaya, mango, etc.), with borrowed ...