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Chopstix noodle bar

Authentic homemade Chinese noodles in the heart of Ghent.
Tel : 0469 48 64 48

Kortrijksepoortstraat 148, 9000 Gent, Belgium

+32 469 48 64 48

Valentine Lerouge
in the last week
Pure en authentieke smaken, alles supervers, grote porties en vriendelijke bediening. Dit adresje slaan we op want hier komen we zeker nog eens terug!
Jinckee V
in the last week
Very friendly staff and amazing food
Tiffanie Demuynck
in the last week
Laura Junasová
in the last week
What a unique taste! I highly recommend this place, the food was delicious!:)
Ruth Van Driessche
in the last week
Superlekkere noedels!! We komen terug. Ruth, Zander & Raven


  • ChopstiX Noodles
    € 15.80
    Our homemade noodles in a rich combination of finely minced pork, wood ear mushrooms, Shanghai bok choy, potatoes, green beans, carrots, and mild chili oil. A perfect symphony of flavors that will tantalize your senses!
  • Old Beijing Noodles (Zhajiang)
    € 14.80
    A traditional Chinese noodle dish with minced pork, cubumber, and carrots, originating from Beijing. It is often served as street food and is popular throughout China. The name 'zhajiang' refers to the thick, savory sauce used to coat the noodles.
  • The Chef's Secret
    € 14.80
    Our homemade noodles with tender pork chunks combined with crisp Shanghai bok choy. A dish where traditional flavors come together in a secret house recipe.
  • Yummy Tummy (soup noodles)
    € 14.80
    Our homemade noodles in a broth with tender braised beef are served with fresh Shanghai bok choy. Perfect for a flavorful and filling meal.
  • Lantern Festival (vegi)
    € 13.80
    Our homemade noodles with a sauce of flavorful tomatoes and fluffy scrambled eggs, subtly seasoned with basic aromatics and mild spices. This classic is highly appreciated by children.
  • Silk Road (vegan)
    € 12.80
    An authentic dish from Xi'an with wood ear mushrooms, Shanghai bok choy, potatoes, green beans, and carrots, subtly seasoned with mild chili oil.
Pick mi
  • Pick Mi! (mildly spicy)
    € 14.80
    A classic Chinese dish featuring tender beef mixed with rice noodles and garnished with peanut crumble and fresh vegetables.
  • Rice Fields (soup noodles)
    € 14.80
    This bowl combines tender beef slices, tangy pickled mustard greens, and fresh leafy vegetables, all simmered in a savory broth that makes every bite a delight.

Are you looking for a traditional Chinese noodle dish to enjoy?

We have it here!

Relax in a pleasant , friendly atmosphere !


Coming to our place for a lunch or a dinner, you will feel a bit like visiting China.