Our Team

Dedicated restaurant service

Everything we do here at the restaurant we do as a team!
Each chef, each cook at the kitchen work as one, just to make you culinary experience unforgettable!
With so much depending on each individual team member we have, we’re proud to showcase you with our whole cooking team!
Head Chef/Owner

Albert San is the proud descendant of the mainalnd Chinese emigres, who arrived to the US back in 1946. Since then he and his family, including his cousins Dao, Sum and Lee work hard to spread the love for the traditional Chinese cuisine!

Desserts Chef

Tsao Nom Ning used to work at the best Chinese restaurant of NYC, the “Emporium Dun”… But after moving to the state of Virginia, he asked if he can join Yaoting, the state’s best Chinese restaurant. We were happy to accept him…

Garnishes Chef

Garnishes are an essential part of the traditional Chinese cuisine… And it’s not just about the fried rice, miscellaneous kinds of noodles, fortune cookies and dumplings… It’s so much more, and that’s where Pao does his magic at!


Dao is one of our best cooks, who’s been working at our restaurant since 2000… His expertise in cooking beef, chicken meat and the pork landed him a high praise among all our staff members, and of course among customers!


Sum, just as well as Dao and Lee Wei are the cousins of our main chef, Albert Stroller San… After moving to US from Taiwanese Republic of China, they brought in all the conventional wisdom of the traditional Chinese approach to cooking…


Lee is the youngest out of three cousins, who cook the dishes back at our kitchen… Still he is one of the most handy and speedy workers that we’ve ever had. We value his culinary talents just as much as our customers do!

Chief waiter

With customer servicing being an essential part of the traditional Chinese restaurant experience, it’s Buo Tsen Dei, who’s responsible for keeping all customers well-greet and well-served!


Yao Ming is our senior waiter. He’s responsible for greeting all of our guests at the entrance, accepting and accommodating all the tables reservations, as well as for resolving any conflicting issues occurring…